Thursday, 26 May 2016

Buddhist Zen Yoga Jewelry Meditation Mala

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Traditional Mala Beads Fashion Necklace

Traditionally, the mala is held between the thumb and middle finger and as each bead is passed through the finger and thumb, a mantra or god is said either silently, quietly or out loud. The most powerful mantras are said to be those repeated silently in the mind. This is done until the Guru bead is reached, the the Mala is reversed and the process goes on until the Guru bead is reached again. Repeating a mantra in this way is an excellent way of calming the mind and keeping thought of 'The Divine' (whatever that is for each one of us, whatever culture, religion or belief we hold) in our every day lives.It can then be worn to transmit the energy of the mantra and the energetic qualities of the mala to the wearer. 


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